Hawaii Artist: Stephanie Bolton

Comment by: berth
In July I had written to paula white asking her to pray for my Job situation that I should get another opening in the same Position within the company in the Same Location. I wrote the prayer request via e-mail on 16th July and on 17th July itself I got a reply from paula white.she had written back to me confirming that he is praying for my Job situation and gave me the following Promise from the Bible: "If you ask anything in my name, I will do it." (John 14:14). This letter encouraged me and filled me with renewed faith.you too can reach her via email for your prayer requests on PAULAWHITE765@OUTLOOK.COM.STAY BLESSED.

Comment by: Ansuya
Website: www.ansuya.com
I have to admit to you that you absolutely made me cry with your paint brush! You captured so much about how I was feeling when I was last in Hawaii. Even down to secret things. I was actually growing my hair out longer at that time and, I know it sounds cheesy, but I was feeling a really strong connection to the part of me that is of the islands. That connection was a kind of delightful personal discovery for me and somehow you captured this feeling of self discovery and wonderment and a kind of innocent rapture with life that Hawaii draws from my heart all at one in this painting and so I simply burst out crying. Lol. Thank you so much for your sensitive eye and the wonderful gift of your artistry! I somehow know myself better through the reflection of your painting.
Comment by: Kalae Kaina
Website: shakti808.com
I am honored to have had my portrait painted by such an amazing, talented, and beautiful woman. Stephanie has created such an amazing keepsake that me and my family will be able to enjoy for many many years! Thank you so much!!
Comment by: Sharon
My husband and I purchased an original Kona Coffee painting at Divine Goods while on vacation. The piece is now hanging in our Kentucky home and it is so beautiful! We shopped far and wide while on the Big Island yet Stephanie and Divine Goods could not be beat! We will enjoy having a unique reminder of our wonderful vacation for years to come. Thanks so much!!!
Comment by: Emily Gordon
Hi :) Just stopping by to have a looksee and WOW.."Midway Magic"..really lovely Stephanie, so rich, really beautiful, nice job :)
Comment by: Sharon
Website: http://sharon.floft.net/
Beautiful -- I'm so glad I ran across your website. The artwork is stunning and warm colors so refreshing. I especially like the portraits.
Comment by: Pat Williams
I liked your site.
Comment by: Alessandra Rupar
Website: www.divinegoods.com
Radiant- Vivacious- Captivating! Stephanie Bolton's talent & creativity know no bounds!
Comment by: Faith Stone
Hi Stephanie, Your painting"Spearfisher"came today. It came in perfect condition. I'll let my students use the Masonite for painting. What a wonderful treat. It's so beautiful. My students absolutely love it!I'll take some pictures of it hanging in my our art room to send to you. I also printed out pages from your website, your bio, and other prints of your artwork. I'll show my students the website on my computer. I've registered for your online classes site to share with my students. Looks like lots of great ideas I'd like to try with them. I am just so thrilled to have your art hanging here at New Vista High School in Boulder, CO. love, Faith
Comment by: Kanani Mizuno
Website: http://www.KauaiTravelandLeisure.com
Aloha Stephanie, Thank you so much for the beautiful logo! The process from beginning to end was perfect...not only are you a very talented artist your professionalism made the process effortless and in the end I got exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much!
Comment by: Pratibha
reached this site from InspireMeThursday ! the coffee paintings were so unique and indeed lovely !
Comment by: Joy Van Bergen
Stephanie, My husband and I love the picture of our children that you painted. We are amazed with how you captured their personalities in the painting. The background is our favorite beach and is filled with so many good family memories. This is a picture we will always have in our home. Thank you for capturing all these memories and special times in our painting. Mahalo, Ken and Joy Van Bergen
Comment by: Sarah Bello
Website: http://www.etsy.wandergirl.com
I was surprised on my 30th birthday with a painting by Stephanie. Having run a Gallery for years, I will admit I'd become a little picky when it comes to artwork but I love this piece. The colors and style are a perfect compliment to my bedroom. It's a beautiful portrait that is both modern and classic. I know I will enjoy it forever...especially when I'm old and wrinkled and wish I was 30 again. =)
Comment by: Kim Yeck
Website: kyeck@yahoo.com
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Stephanie, she is a very talented artist. I had two walls that needed unusually tall pieces of art. I knew the subject I wanted ( Ti plants) and that I wanted a lot of color on these two walls. In my initial meeting with Stephanie I shared my vision. Stephanie then came up with photos that we went over, selecting a couple that displayed visual the qualities we discussed in the first meeting. Stephanie then created two beautiful paintings that I absolutely love! The pieces have a wonderfully warm feel; with Stephanie's creativity the images also give off a whimsical feel which I have never seen before. I enjoyed the whole experience working with Stephanie, and her works of art brighten the whole room.
Comment by: Anna Enea
Website: choosetotalwellness@comcast.net
Stephanie is incredibly talented and in her young life has already accomplished so many different pieces of art work with great diversity and beauty. I have several of her pieces and get compliments all the time. One painting of a fairy was a gift and it was so nice to get because we do not always buy ourselves things of beauty, however I see her work as an investment as well. Her work will only go up in value.
Comment by: Chris
I received an amazing piece of artwork Stephanie made as a gift back in 2000. It is still on my wall and every time I look at it, it brings a smile to my face :-)
Comment by: keith collins
The Hilo hula girls is one of the coolest paintings I've seen. It should be part of Merrie Monarch!! Keith in Kona
Comment by: Eliany
Website: http://www.eliany.it
Your Kona Coffee paint is beautiful. I like your style of painting and i love your island. Compliments for you talent Stephanie!!! Kiss from Italy
Comment by: Terry
Aloha Stephanie, You are an amazing artist. I will be talking to you soon about art for my home. You have incredible talent and I truly appreciate your diversity. I particularly love your Hawaiian style art. I look forward to working with you. I believe you have a great career a head for yourself as an artist. Keep it up.
Comment by: Geri
Stephanie is an incredibly talented artist. She has such diversity. She is an exceptual portrait artist. She not only captures the image of a person but captures the personalty and mannerisms of the person as well. Her tropical flowers and plants are stunning. She has a fresh and creative presentation of Hawaiian culture. Her Kona Coffee girl posters are nostalgic yet contemporary at the same time capturing the uniqueness of the Big Island. She is also diversified in her use of media. She does beautiful acrilic paintings as well as watercolor. I have several of her paintings in my home which I totally enjoy. I look forward to watching this young talent grow. She is truly amazing.
Comment by: Rose
Stephanie has created several paintings for me. I truly love each one. I can express to her what I would like to see and the colors I want and she brings it all together to be far more then ever expected. Stephanie is an extremely and diversely talented artist. Thank you Stephanie.....you are like a fine wine that continues to get better with time.

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